Verio Web Hosting Refund Policies

This article covers Verio Refund Policies for the following topics:

  • Refund in First 30 Days
  • How does Verio's Money Back Guarantee apply to Cloud(n)?
  • Refund Policy for Renewals
  • Domain Registration
  • Requests to Cancel after Renewal Date
  • No Transfer of Funds Between Accounts
  • Contact and Billing Information
  • Balance Due

Refund in First 30 Days

If you are not completely satisfied with our webhosting services, and you notify Verio in writing via your Control Panel within the first 30 days of your contract that you wish to cancel, you will be given a full refund of the contract amount, excluding setup fees and overages. If a refund is due, you will be notified by email; it can take up to 30 days after cancellation of your contract to receive your refund. If you have not received your refund after 30 days, please open a ticket -- see this article if your account does not have a Backroom, and this article if it does.

Setup fees are refundable ONLY for the following reasons:

  • You canceled the account order prior to activation
  • Your desired domain name was not available

This policy does not apply to any additional services such as, but not limited to, overages, disk space, email accounts, domain name registration, and Web design services.

How does Verio's Money Back Guarantee apply to Cloud(n)?

If at any time within the first 30 days of your Cloud(n) account, you are not completely satisfied, you may cancel your entire Cloud(n) account and receive a full refund. The ability to add and remove instances (also known as Virtual Machines, VMs, or servers), volumes (also known as disks or drives), and other a la carte features on an as-needed basis for hourly rather than monthly charges is a key feature of the platform. These individual changes do not fall within the 30-day money-back guarantee.  However, if you cancel Cloud(n) entirely within the first 30 days, all the charges are refunded.

Refund Policy for Renewals

Charges for the renewal of webhosting contracts will be refunded if written notification (either via a submitted support ticket or fax transmission) is received no later than the tenth day following the renewal date. This ten day grace period applies to all Verio Web hosting plans. Note that refunds will not be granted if your written notification is received after the grace period.

Note: If you fax your notification to us, your fax must be on letterhead.

Domain Registration (applies to Web hosting products only)

If a domain name registration is associated with the account, upon the cancellation of the webhosting product, the account will be downgraded to Domain Name Registration Only.

Note: Domain name registration fees are not refundable.

Requests to Cancel After Renewal Date

You must notify Verio before or within ten days of the Renewal Date on your contract if you wish to cancel an account. Verio does not offer prorated refunds for cancellation requests submitted after ten days of the renewal date.

Transfer of Funds Between Accounts

Verio will only transfer credit balances between accounts if both accounts are owned by the same person or entity.  Please submit this request through your Control Panel or Backroom.

Contact and Billing Information

It is your responsibility to keep valid contact and billing information on your account. Verio will continue to send information regarding your account in accordance with the contact information you have provided in your Control Panel.

Balance Due

Please be advised that the cancellation of an account does not release you from financial responsibility. If your account has a past due balance and you are not eligible for a refund, the Verio Accounting department will continue collection efforts.

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